MSD Alumni, Let's Mobilize

Mobilizing MSD Alumni is a national organization founded in the wake of the mass shooting on February 14, 2018, to support the community of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School High School students, teachers, and alumni. Over 11,000 members strong, we harness our abilities, influence, and resources to advance our mission in three areas:

OUTREACH: Meeting the needs of MSD students and teachers, organizing special recovery and advocacy projects in partnership with the school and the Parkland community;

ADVOCACY: Taking action to demand policy change across the nation, amplifying the voices of student leaders and victims’ families;

COMMUNITY: Strengthening alumni connections, embracing graduating seniors as they enter the alumni network, and maintaining strong ties to the school.

Join us in finding the many ways that we can make a difference — to the families affected, to the politicians who represent our communities, to our nation that has already lost too many children to gun violence.

Twitter: MobilizingMSD
Facebook: MobilizingMSDAlumni
Instagram: MSDAlumni

National Directors: Judith Danovitch, c/0 96, Craig Pugatch, c/o 96, Laura Recchi, c/o 94, and Rachel Nyswander Thomas, c/o 98